Simple. Brilliant.

Your Scheduling Solution

It used to be so easy—you’d take the call, write the patient’s name and appointment time in your book and that was that.

Not anymore! Your time is too valuable. Your staff’s time is too valuable. Your patient’s time is too valuable. You need a Simple yet sophisticated scheduling program. You also need an appointment software program that is Brilliant because of its online feature. Eppointments® lets you:

  • Manage your time
  • Ease the work flow of your staff
  • Schedule your resources
  • Relieve staff of unnecessary paperwork
  • Create a positive experience for your patients
  • Produce effective reports
  • Save money

From the single physician practice office to large medical facilities with multiple locations and call centers, Eppointments is the appointment scheduling program ready to grow with you! To learn more about what Eppointments can offer you, please visit our Products and Services page by clicking the link below: