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Patient Online Features

“As the owner of the practice I love the support staff, the ease of use and the ability to decrease expenses in an ever-more difficult environment by eliminating a person to enter data before billing. That has also helped keep our average day in A/R above all industry standards.”

—Herbert Bravo MD, President,
Pediatrics At Night

What sets Eppointments apart from other software programs is our unique patient online features. Offering this service elevates your practice above others in your community and offers a valuable service to your patients.

  • Patients can complete their personal, medical and insurance information online prior to their appointment – all from


    practice Web site. Your patients will appreciate the opportunity to do this in the comfort of their own home, and you’ll receive more accurate information.

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  • As an alternative to waiting on the telephone, patients can make a confirmed appointment based on each provider’s parameters. Internet availability of appointments can be different from the "actual availability" on the in-office schedule. This is a time saver not only for the patients, but also your staff.

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  • Once a patient has completed an online appointment, they will never call the office again to schedule. Because of the ease and convenience of the online scheduling system, patients can make their appointments at their convenience without the restrictions of the doctor’s normal operating hours.

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  • Confirmation, reminder, thank you and no-show emails are automatically sent to optimize office efficiency, decrease phone calls and certainly impress your patients.    

Practices have the ability to allow patients to complete their information in advance and/or allow online appointments. An online appointment is rules-based, determined by:

  • How far in advance an appointment may be made
  • Total number of appointments a patient can schedule
  • How close to current time appointment may be made
  • What times and which appointments will be available for online appointments
  • Differentiate online appointments for established patient vs. new patient

Email Messages

Look forward to no more time consuming telephone calls. Eppointments automatically sends email confirmations to patients with a direct link to let them complete/update their patient information before their appointment.

The email reminder includes a link patients can click to confirm their appointment. The confirmation is then indicated on the office schedule.

A “thank you” email is generated when the patient checks in, or a “sorry we missed you” email can be sent for no-show appointments.

Patient’s email addresses can also be exported for Internet marketing purposes.

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