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Patient Tracking Module

“The user-friendly appointment scheduling software is easy to use and easy to train new staff. Being able to track our patients has improved the efficiency in our office and enables us to adhere to our schedule and eliminate long waiting times for our patients.”

—D. Groo, Practice Administrator

An additional component for the Eppointments in-office version is Patient Tracking, an ideal communication tool which outlines the daily patient schedule. You can set up computer monitors at strategic locations within your office or in each treatment room to efficiently guide your office operations throughout the day. It allows staff to see which patients have checked in, which patients are in a treatment room, and notify staff/physicians to a specific room.

Improves Office Efficiency and Reduces Staff Stress

Patient Tracking is linked to Eppointments and tracks the patients from the time they arrive into your office until the time they check out from their visit. It allows the physician and staff to communicate with one another effectively and efficiently with the simple click of a mouse. This reduces the need for a nurse or assistant to be at the physician's side.


  • Allows the doctor to see more patients during a clinic day
  • Reduces patient waiting time
  • Improves intra-office communication
  • Improves nursing staff efficiency
  • Speeds up the check-out process
  • Improves office procedures and protocols

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"The Eppointments Schedule Tracking System has made our office schedule run much more smoothly and efficiently. Patients are listed by appointment time and reason for visit. At the click of a mouse, patient's arrival time and seating time are entered into the computer. At a glance at monitors located throughout the office, staff and physicians can easily view all patients, which eliminates unnecessary patient waiting time. Patients are pleased that we show a respect for their schedules and by adhering to schedules, staff and physicians can work in a much more organized and efficiently run office."
Debbie Groo, Office Manager

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