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Scheduling Features

“As the owner of the practice I love the support staff, the ease of use and the ability to decrease expenses in an ever-more difficult environment by eliminating a person to enter data before billing. That has also helped keep our average day in A/R above all industry standards.”

—Herbert Bravo MD, President,
Pediatrics at Night

Office Scheduling Features

  • Customized appointment types
  • Customized appointment length for each provider
  • Dedicated times for specific appointment types
  • Physicians can customize their schedule for multiple patients
  • Physicians can set maximum number of scheduled morning and afternoon appointments
  • Designated times for office scheduled appointments and patients scheduling online
  • Treatment, specialty rooms and resources are monitored to warn against double booking
  • Physicians and medical assistants are associated with specific appointment types, leaving staff override capabilities when necessary
  • Color-coding: appointment made, verified, checked in, checked out and events
  • Find the first available appointment opening
  • Easily block time for meetings, vacation, repeating events
  • A Wait List to refill cancelled appointment times
  • A Recall List to ensure a patient returns for future appointments
  • Record time as patient arrives and checks out
  • Co-pay field available at check in and check out, prints on routing slip
  • Four user levels with different permissions: from Read Only to Administrative

Patient Information

  • Prints patient demographics on your routing slip
  • Tracks patient’s appointment history
  • Insurance verification phone calls documented via a customized form
  • Document Workman’s Comp authorization
  • HMO referrals: number of visits allowed and expiration dates are tracked. A status report of the referral is visible while scheduling appointments and at check-in
  • Fields for Primary/Secondary insurance
  • Areas available for extra notes: Reason for Visit (for a particular appointment) and Notes (stays with the patient)

Reporting Features

  • Prints schedule by Time, Provider or alphabetically by Patient – perfect for preparing charts

  • Time card for staff

  • By appointment type for clinic/physician
  • No Show by clinic/physician
  • Cancelled appointments
  • Day Sheet report for money collected at the front desk
  • Referring Physicians – summary and detail
  • Custom Referring Sources (Internet, Friend, Ad)
  • Pull patients by zip code, date of birth, appointment type, last visit – an excellent marketing tool
  • Audit history

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Web-Based Office Scheduling

In addition to the client-server application, a Web-based interface is also available for multi-office practices via our secure server. This option provides the advantage of “zero-install” software. The Web-based interface offers many of the scheduling features of the client/server version. This Web-based version will also allow the provider to view their schedule from anywhere: office, home or even a PDA.

Once the practice activates this component, you will also have an automatic backup of your schedule to our secure online server. 

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Import/Export Features


Eppointments is capable of importing an initial schedule and patient records from other software programs to get you started. Contact us to find out more.


Communicate with your patients! Export email or mailing addresses with designated parameters such as date of birth, last appointment, appointment type, create date, last update and zip code. This allows you to generate specific email messages or mailings to targeted patients.

A schedule export is also available for phone call reminder software programs.

HL7 Compliant

Eppointments is HL7 compliant and can export data to other software programs.

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